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Our experience

New Venture Consultancy Services Ltd has over 30 years of experience in implementing and installing financial software solutions. We were formed in January 2016 with the primary purpose of working with clients who are seeking to implement new accounting and other related systems, or migrate from legacy systems that have ceased to deliver to a new platform with enhanced capabilities. 

Our main area of expertise is SunSystems however, where we are asked to evaluate new potential finance systems, we take an agnostic approach to the evaluation, seeking to identify the best system solution for you.

Our approach

We provide the full range of services that are typically required when undertaking either a straightforward transfer of historical finance data from a legacy system to the new solution, through to a full set of services that starts with establishing requirements through to go-live. 

We aim to make it very straightforward for you to work with us. We keep jargon to a minimum and believe that an honest, timely and responsive approach to client communications is the best method to ensure effective cooperation and mutual trust.       

We will never try to sell you something that you don't need and will always work with you to get the best from your existing or new solution.

System Implementation

Requirements validation

Assembling the requirements for a new or replacement solution is a vital stage in the project process. 

In our experience, the projects that are deemed successful by clients are strongly linked to a validated requirements document that not only clearly states what the solution needs to deliver, but also the business metrics that allow a clear measurement of success in both financial terms and the strength of the business to meet future challenges. 

We can undertake this independent validation for you, working with your staff, and advise on any improvements that will increase the robustness of the document.

We can also facilitate the creation of the same document, working with your staff to identify and document what functionality your business solution needs to deliver, and recommend metrics that can be captured before the new solution is implemented, so you can measure the cost effectiveness of your project and the payback that can be anticipated. 

Solution design

Designing the solution to your needs requires an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the software package that you have chosen. As an example, implementing an accounting solution requires hard won experience of the best approaches to the Chart of Account structure and the software's data analysis capabilities that drive efficient and accurate reporting, to cite just two critical factors. 

We can help you by documenting the design and explaining to you how the specific design will deliver the functionality you need from the future solution. 

Application solution construction

Many modern software packages feature elements of the functionality that are relatively straightforward to build. However, more complex solutions require significant experience of prior solution construction to really understand what works best for a given functionality requirement. 

All NVC applications consultants have extensive experience of building the optimum solution that meets the stated requirements, by deploying that wealth of experience to your benefit. You also benefit by seeing the solution built in the minimum time needed, thereby minimising consultancy fees. 

User training

Every customer is different and so are their training needs. Our consultants will typically provide technical training during the implementation phase. 

You may however find that your system is being managed on a  day-to day basis by staff who have never had any formal training beyond the hand-over they received from their predecessor.  

After two or three changes in personnel, the level of technical knowledge of the system can be diluted. 

Customers have various types of training needs depending on their in-house skills and the number of sites in their organisation.  

We will work with you to tailor a training plan that suits your organisational needs.

Other Services

Technical audit

This service is designed to help existing clients to determine whether their existing system technology best meets current and planned requirements. We can review your complete installation.

A trained technical consultant will interview your Systems Management staff and perform a series of hands-on tests to ascertain:

  • Whether your current technical infrastructure is adequate
  • Whether there are any technical issues causing performance bottlenecks 
  • If your technology operating and maintenance procedures are consistent with best practice
  • What changes might be required to your configuration to accommodate planned changes to your business (expansion, reorganisation etc).

The consultant will prepare a detailed report setting out their findings and will provide comprehensive documentation on the status of your current technology and settings where appropriate including what regular maintenance you should undertake.

Application audit

This service is designed to help existing clients to determine whether the existing system best meets current and planned requirements. It will evaluate: 

  • How your existing configuration can be improved to provide a better solution Whether your current technical infrastructure can be improved upon Whether current operating practices make best use of SunSystems functionality 
  • What changes might be required to your configuration to accommodate planned changes to your business (expansion, reorganisation etc) 

Senior consultants carry out the application audit and deliver a report which: 

  • Summarises the business issues that have given rise to the report 
  • Presents our recommended solution to address those issues
  • Offers recommendations in any other areas where the consultant has identified your system configuration or business processes could be improved.

Solution planning study

This service is offered to prospective clients to help determine how your business requirements can be met by a financial software system. 

The service can also be appropriate for existing customers facing significant organisational change. 

The service helps to identify the best deployment for your organisation, and how to address systems integration requirements. 

Senior application consultants carry out this service in conjunction with your organisation's staff. The primary deliverable is a Solution Planning Study report that will: 

  • Summarise your key business requirements which will be met by the solution 
  • Outline the recommended solution, including a technical specification Outline the optimum process necessary to achieve your objectives Outline the principal build and configuration tasks that need to be undertaken 
  • Outline the recommended approach to integration 
  • Present a detailed estimate of the services work required to achieve the solution 

While this service will not provide a full systems design, it provides the foundations necessary to deliver a large, complex or new project. 

Integration services

To derive value across the whole enterprise, your systems need to share data - ultimately giving you all the information you need to power your business decisions.  

We provide a solution to this business challenge, allowing you to unleash the power of your financial software, integrating it into your business to create an environment where all of your  systems are working together, in collaboration.

Software upgrades

This service is available to new and existing customers. It enables an efficient and effective implementation of application and technology upgrades, allowing you to take advantage of new system product functionality. In addition, the service can help to minimise the risks arising from changes to key business systems, while maximising the benefits of business change through the use of our expertise. 

Our consultants carry out the upgrade service in conjunction with your organisation’s staff. 

The primary deliverables are: 

  • Review of requirements for the upgrade 
  • An upgrade plan detailing the work necessary to meet these requirements 
  • Delivery, including installation of new software on the required platform, migration of data from the old version, implementation of any necessary changes to the configuration, acceptance testing and user training, all in accordance with the agreed plan.

Project management

All implementation projects are managed by an experienced Project Manager who provides the expertise required to perform a thorough Project Initiation phase. 

The Project Manager is the single point of contact for all project related matters such as resource, administrative or technology issues. 

The Project Manager conducts a detailed evaluation of the project’s risk, identifying potential problem areas, assessing their impact and putting in place measures to address them.  They will also prepare quality benchmarks and reviews to ensure that all deliverables pass appropriate quality controls. 

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